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03 November 2013 @ 11:15 am
"Texts IV: Something New" Doctor Who, Amy/?, Amy/Rory  
Title: "Texts IV: Something New
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Amy/?, Amy/Rory
Rating: 18/NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who or any of the characters featured in this not-for-profit fic.
Summary: This is the forth in what's going to be a series of five fics.
Content Warning: Explicit f/f and m/f sex
Notes: Set between series 6 and 7 of the current run. It's not 100% vital you read the first three parts to appreciate the forth the gist of the the first three parts is mentioned in this one. First part is here. The second is here. Third is here.
Yes it's been a long time between parts, the fifth and final part is well on it's way, and is even longer than this part. There's also going to be a Doctor/River spin-off fic that accompanies part five.

I want to do something you've never done before.

Nine simple words that led to Amy's forth meeting with her Anonymous admirer.

Over the past seven weeks Amy Pond had been having an affair. She'd never imagined that she would be the kind of girl to cheat on her husband, and she'd definitely never imagined cheating on Rory. After all they had been through she would have said it was impossible.

But things had changed.

The good days were quickly becoming fewer and fewer.

The thing, the crazy crazy thing, about Amy's affair was that she had no idea who she was having it with. Her lover sent her anonymous, frequently filthy, texts.

Amy was having a quiet few days. There was no sign from the Doctor, her visits were getting more infrequent. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing in some ways. It meant she and Rory could live normal life, whatever that meant.

But life with Rory wasn't really going so well.

The modeling was working out fine. She was getting steadyish work which was amazing considering her habit of vanishing without warning.

Right now though she didn't have anything lined up. Rory was at work. She was lying on her back on her bed. She decided to text Anon. I'm bored.

Check your email, came the reply straight away. Amy frowned. She had no idea how Anon had gotten her number in the first place. It seemed that Anon must be someone she knew. Now apparently Anon had her email address too.

Who are you? Amy asked as she logged on to her email.

That's a secret. Same as always Anon wasn't ready to reveal her identity.

Will you ever tell me?


Amy's heart skipped a beat. Always when she had broached the subject Anon had insisted that if she ever knew who she was that their thing, whatever it was, would be over.

When? Amy hurriedly replied.

There was no response for a minute. It seemed like much much longer because Amy was so desperate for an answer. It was a certain, primal, kind of sexy having naughty encounters with someone she'd never seen and knew practically nothing about. But she still wanted very much to see her lover.

When it's time, was the cryptic reply. Well what the fuck did that mean? As Amy was putting that feeling into words she got another text. Have you checked your email yet?

Amy put her phone down and went back to her laptop, lying on her front. She had an email with the subject 'Naughty Time'. It was from an email address 'mynaughtyamy' from a free email service.

Her phone buzzed. She checked it. Don't press play until I tell you. Amy looked back at her computer and clicked on the email. The message was just a link. She could tell by the name of the site it was a porn site.

She knew now what Anon had in mind and it was a nice thought.

Amy didn't hesitate and clicked on the link. A new window popped up with the video ready to plan. The video was called 'Hot Hardcore MFF Threesome'.

If I could I'd kiss your right now.

If I could I'd fuck you right now, was Anon's reply.

That too, Amy agreed.

Ready to watch sexy bitch?

Absofuckinglutely, Amy texted. She quickly pulled off her clothes, tossing them on the floor. She got on her bed, on her side.

Press play and watch with me, Anon said.

That night Amy and Rory went out. Rory wasn't working the next day. They both had a good time, and with the situation and the alcohol flowing things were like the happy days again.

Amy spent a few minutes crying in the toilets. She felt like an idiot. She thought about the way things were going to Rory and she saw that it wasn't going to get better and it was going to end badly. She had a lot of anger about what was happening to their marriage and she felt helpless to stop it. She felt angry about Demon's Run. She felt hatred towards The Silence who had left her barren. Amy felt broken and impossible to fix. She couldn't explain to Rory that being with her had ruined his life. If she tried she knew it would devastate him.

She pulled herself together, redid her make-up and put on a happy face again and rejoined Rory and their friends. She had another drink and it was all smiles again.

There was laughter and joking and joy.

Amy and Rory shared a cab with a friend. The friend was dropped off, leaving Amy and Rory together. Alone.

Amy was surprised that things weren't awkward between them. Despite their issues they had had fun and neither of them wanted to change that. It probably helped that they were both drunk

Rory paid the taxi driver while Amy stumbled out towards the front door. As she fumbled for the keys Rory admired her from behind. "You know I've always liked that skirt."

"You say that about all my skirts. The short ones anyway," Amy laughed.

"True. Here let me," he reached for the keys but froze when their hands touched. They looked at each other. Amy smiled. Rory took the key and it was his turn to bungle around with them. Eventually he got the door open and the two of them went inside.

Rory closed and locked the door while his wife kicked off her shoes.

Amy took off her top, unceremoniously letting it fall to the hallway floor. Her bra was new, Rory wouldn't have seen it before. It was dark green and lacy and pushed her boobs up for maximum cleavage. She turned and faced him and on his face was exactly the reaction she was hoping for.

Amy Pond was unashamedly horny. She wanted sex. She wanted her husband. She wanted something of the happiness that they had lost. She ran her hands over her breasts. Rory was still just looking at her with a glazed over happy look.

While she had his complete attention she unzipped her skirt and discarded it too. Her thin knickers matched her bra. She let him take a good look then turned around and started up the stairs, adding an extra wiggle to her walk to emphasise her bum.

She stopped halfway up and looked over her shoulder. "Are you going to come up and fuck me or am I going to have to take care of myself?" Amy didn't wait for an answer, she carried on up the stairs.

Rory gulped.

He pulled off his shoes, almost falling over in the process. He pulled off his socks too, remembering even in his intoxicated state that there was no sexy way to take off socks. Then he rushed up the stairs.

Rory found his wife in the bedroom. She was sitting on the end of the bed. Her hand was down the front of her knickers, moving in jerky motions. "Got started without you. You're overdressed husband." Amy said by way of hello.

"I can fix that," he said and started unbuttoning his shirt.

Amy kept touching herself as she watched Rory. They used to have such an amazing sex life. She wanted it back. She wanted her marriage back.

She took her fingers from her underwear and made a show of licking her wetness from them. Then she stood and went over to him, kissing him like she used to. She put her hand to his crotch and was glad to find him hard. She broke the kiss and smiled. "I think you need some help."

"I think I can manage."

"No I really think you need me to help," Amy purred and sank to her knees in front of him.

Rory realised what she meant and nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, you're right, definitely need lots of help. Lots and lots of help."

She unbuckled his belt then unbuttoned his jeans and went for the zipper, pulling it down. She took down his jeans and boxers together, his cock, almost fully erect, sprang free. "Well hello there," Amy said to his cock. She ran her fingers up and down his shaft a few times then took hold of it, squeezing a little. He gave a small groan and she grinned.

Amy ran her tongue along the underside of his manhood from his balls to the swollen head. She did it again, then again, looking up at him, enjoying his responses.

She took him in her mouth, sucking on the head of his dick, tongue sliding back and forth over it. Like most sex acts Amy very much enjoyed giving a blowjob. She held tight around the base of his cock as she sucked, sliding her lips down the shaft to take in the first inch.

Rory looked down at his wife, biting his bottom lip. The warmth of the alcohol was still with him, and Amy's hot mouth added a surge of a more erotic kind of heat through his body.

She tilted her head back and took as much of him in as she could; not quite balls deep but pretty close. Amy bobbed her head, sliding her mouth up and down his hard cock, speeding up then stopping to suck and swirl her tongue around the tip before starting again.

"Fuck..." Rory groaned quietly.

Amy popped him out of her mouth and smiled up at him. She started jerking his saliva coated cock. "That's an excellent suggestion husband. We should fuck." She got up to her feet and kissed him full on the lips. She reached around her back and undid her bra.
Rory recognised the kind of kiss she was giving him. It was demanding, full of lust. It told him that Amy wanted sex on the rougher side. It sounded good to him. He put both hands on her behind, pulling her close to him and kissing her with the same urgency, meeting her tongue with his.

She pulled away, slipping off her bra and letting it fall as she stepped backwards towards the bed. She watched his eyes drop to her tits. She ran her hands over her bare breasts, pinching her nipples.

Rory removed himself from his jeans and boxers. He realised he was staring at Amy's boobs, but he didn’t mind, and he knew Amy wouldn't mind either. He liked her breasts, and she liked that he liked them. They were the perfect size to his mind. Perfect and beautiful.

Amy played with her perky pink nipples for a few more seconds then backed onto the bed, flopping onto it. She scooted up to the top of the bed so her head was on the pillow. "I'm so wet Rory."

Rory joined her on the bed. He hooked his fingers under her knickers and pulled them down. Amy lifted her hips. He tossed her knickers off the bed and he got on top of her, his mouth going to her left nipple. He circled it with his tongue before sucking.

"No. No Rory. No teasing. I need you inside me right now," Amy arched her back, raising her hips demandingly. Rory knew that whenever she said something like that was the best time to tease her. He nibbled at her nipple as he sucked, his right hand sliding down her body, down the outside of her thigh then back up the inside. "Rory..."

He switched to the other nipple, flicking his tongue back and forth over it then sucking it into his mouth at the same time as his fingers reached her pussy. As promised she was very wet. Using his middle finger he rubbed up and down against her clit. She spread her legs wide. They kissed. He rubbed her clit faster.

'Rory," Amy broke off the kissing and grabbed his cock. "This. In me. Fuck me. Now." She said in a tone that made it explicitly clear that teasing time was definitely over. Rory got the message and shifted himself up. Amy let go of his manhood and out her hand on his waist. Rory took hold of himself, rubbing his dick up and down her arousal slickened slit a few times before at last pushing into her tight entrance.

Amy moaned. The moan of sexual anticipation being fulfilled. She pulled him down to her with the hand on his waist, her other hand gripped the bed sheets.

There was little in the way of build up. Rory thrust hard and deep. Their rhythm was fast, pounding. Amy's cunt was hot and wet and felt so good around his cock. He couldn't understand why they didn't do this more often. Being inside her, having sex with her, make all their issues seem so stupid and pointless. He was with his wife. She was beautiful and amazing and made him feel joy in a way that no one else in the world could.

Amy's first orgasm came within a couple of minutes. Rory slowed, he didn't want it to be over fast. He concentrated on minimising his own stimulation. He closed his eyes. He felt her spasm around him and her heat flaring.

Amy had just about come down from her orgasm when she said. "I want to be on top."

He was happy to take his turn on his back. She mounted him, knees on either side of his hips. She impaled herself on his cock. God he felt amazing inside her. She rode him. She bounced up and down on him cowgirl style. He reached up for her breasts, cupping and squeezing them. Rory pinched both of her nipples.

"Harder," she whimpered. He pinched them again, pulling on them and she rode him faster. "Spank me baby."

Rory knew well that Amy liked to be spanked and he was happy to do it. Leaving his left hand to continue playing with her nipple he roughly spanked her with his right. She bent forward a little, letting out a delightful yelp when his palm made contact with her bottom again.

"Fuck fuck fuck yes Rory, yes!" Amy cried out. Rory thrust up to meet her and spanked her again, both of them building to climax.

In the morning, well it turned out to be afternoon actually, Amy felt rough.

She got up. She brushed her teeth. She took a long hot shower and then she got dressed and went downstairs.

Rory wasn't there. He had left a note: 'Gone to hospital. Don't think I'll be home for dinner.'

Amy had coffee. Then water. Lots of water.

She thought about last night. She thought about the sex with Rory. It had been good. Really really good.

In the harsh light of day, and sobriety, though reality returned.

She ate junk food and watched junk TV. She thought about calling the Doctor but he wasn't the kind of friend she could talk to about relationship troubles. Cups of tea and Jammie Dodgers weren't going to cut it.

She felt lonely because there wasn't anyone she could really talk to about it. Amy thought about the things she lost. Her daughter. Her best friend Mels. And now it looked like she was losing Rory too.

Later when Rory got home they argued.

Rory slept on the couch that night.

They didn't say much to each other the next day.

Amy went for a photoshoot the day after. She texted Anon and they sexted and for a while Amy felt better.

Anon truly was an escape.

After a few more days Amy texted Anon saying that she wanted to meet with her again.

Yes, Anon replied. Then sent: I want to do something you've never done before.

Like what?

Something you've always wanted to try but never have.

Things were still tense between them and Rory didn't really seem that interested when she told him that she was going to a shoot up north for a few days. He didn't ask her anything about it.

There wasn't really a modelling job. This time the trip was purely for sex with her anonymous lover.

She took a train. She read and exchanged flirtatious messages with Anon.

Amy took a taxi to the hotel Anon had booked for their meeting. Anon had arranged separate rooms for them. Amy went up to her room and unpacked what little she'd brought from the overnight stay away.

They followed their unusual routine. Anon texted her her room number. Amy went to it.

On the bed was the blindfold, as always.

Anon was in the bathroom. Just behind one little door. Amy was tempted to go and open it. But she didn’t want to ruin this thing. Whatever it was.

Ready for a new experience?

Yes Amy replied. She was nervous. What did Anon have in mind? Would it really be something new or just something that Anon thought she'd never done before? What if it was something she didn't want to do? What if it was something really out there and crazy?

But she was excited too, for pretty much the exact same reasons.

Look under the bed.

Amy did. There was a plastic bad. Amy grabbed it and put it on the bed.

Look inside.

Amy did. She tipped the contents out onto the bed. There were just two objects. A strap-on a tube of lubricant. Her phone buzzed again. She looked at it and raised her eyebrows. Anon was right. It was something she had never done before. It was something that she had thought about. It was something she had fantasised about and watched porn about. But she'd never done it.

Tonight Amy you're going to have anal sex.

She paused. Amy considered if it was something she really wanted to do. She'd thought that one day she and Rory would try it. Now Anon was offering the chance to take the step with her.

Your choice Amy. No pressure. If you don't want to we can just fuck.

Amy looked from the phone to the strap-on to the lube.

Then she made her decision.

Amy was naked. She was face down on the bed, lying on a pile of pillows so her bottom was in the air. She was resting her head on her hands. She was blindfolded and she was thinking about what was about to happen.

Anon was massaging her right foot, rubbing it tenderly. Anon switched to the other foot. It felt nice. Amy smiled. She felt herself relaxing. She made the decision that she wasn't going to worry, not about anything. Anon stayed silent as always. She massaged Amy's feet then up to her calves.

The tensions of her problems with Rory and the nerves about what was going to happen faded away. Anon's hands were soft yet her touch was firm enough to really give her muscles a good massage. She breathed slow and deep and felt that if it hadn't been for the fact that it was Anon doing the massaging she would be able to go to sleep. She felt warm and safe and she felt a deep tingle of excitement. She was on the verge of exploring new sexual territory.

Anon's rubbing moved up Amy's legs, up her thighs and then to her bottom. As the minutes passed Anon made her way up Amy's back, then shoulders. Amy felt Anon's breath and then her lips at the back of her neck. Amy turned her head and moved a little. Her lips found Anon's. They kissed softly. Like the massage the kisses were gentle and relaxed.

Anon kept running her hands lightly up and down Amy's back as they kissed. Anon then licked at Amy's neck and then kissed down her spine. She took her time. Moving slowly.

Amy made a quiet noised of satisfaction. She felt utterly at peace and comfortable in Anon's very capable hands.

With great care and attention Anon massaged Amy's buttocks for a couple of minutes before putting her lips to them, kissing all over Amy's ass and taking long licks over the smooth skin.

Amy was happy to part her legs when Anon's hands on the inside of her thighs urged her to do so. Anon's fingers made their way to Amy's slit, running up and down her wetness. A fingertip reached her clit and rubbed in light up and down movements.

A purring moan escaped Amy's lips. She was tranquil and horny and Anon as always was touching her just right. Anon applied a little more pressure to her clit and switch to rubbing in tight circles.

With her other hand Anon kept massaging Amy's buttocks, spending a few seconds on one before changing to the other, constantly keeping her hand moving on Amy's behind.

She continued to work on Amy's clit. At the same time the thumb of her other hand travelled down between her butt cheeks. The thumb moved up and down the path, grazing over Amy's puckered hole.

Amy bit her bottom lip. This was it. This was it. The pad of Anon's thumb stroked up and down Amy's asshole and then around the rim.

There were more kisses, light and gentle all over her bottom. Then Amy felt Anon swipe her tongue over her anus. "Oh fuck fuck," Amy whimpered. Anon licked Amy's asshole enthusiastically, tongue always moving, sliding over it, swirling around it. Wet and warm and so so good
The licking and touching stopped. Amy felt the bed shift and heard the pop of the lube's cap being opened.

Amy wondered why she had been so nervous. This was good. Really good. She knew that bringing the strap-on into it was a whole different prospect but she was looking forward to it now. The blindfold as always enhanced the whole experience. Not being able to see added an extra thrill and made her focus on the sensations and sounds.

There was a squelching that Amy assumed was the lube being squirted out of the tube. Anon placed a few more kisses on Amy's posterior then she felt the cool touch of a lube slicked finger circling her asshole. Anon stopped. More squirting of lube. The finger returned and resumed circling.

Slowly. Very slowly. Anon eased the tip of her finger into Amy's back passage. Amy stayed relaxed. She withdrew. More lube was applied and she started again, finger probing gently. Anon kept kissing all over her bottom and was using the other hand on Amy's left buttock to keep her cheeks spread.

Amy felt sexy. She felt dirty in the best possible way. The whole taboo around anal sex, and her own hesitations, were becoming a feeling of achievement. There was no shame. She had finally taken the step and indulged in anal play. She could feel she was wet. Her whole body tingled with the joy.

More lube. Then a second finger. She groaned, a low sound from her chest. Anon took her time, never pushing in too much, never going too deep to quick. She used gentle touches and presses.

"God that feels amazing," Amy moaned. She couldn't stand it any more. The ache of need in her cunt that cried out to be satisfied. She shifted, her hand going down under her and between her legs. She was thoroughly saturated with arousal.

Slowly but surely Anon built up . As minutes passed she developed from light probing to a more definite fingering. While Amy played with herself Anon fucked her ass with two fingers, making deep, smooth strokes, taking her time with each movement.

When it came to it it was Amy who asked Anon to take the next step.

"I'm ready," she said. "For the strap-on. I want you to fuck my arse. I want you fucking me so bad."

Anon responded by fingering her with quicker thrusts, twisting and rubbing. Using her other hand Anon gave Amy a light spank, then another, then another, all the while maintaining the steady fingering of her back passage.

Amy's own touching focused on her clit as she moaned and rolled her hips to match the movements of Anon's fingers.

Spank. Spank. Spank.

Moaning. Whispered curses. Anon's constant thrusting motions with her hand. Hot. Gasping. Tingling.

Amy came. Her world was torn away by the purest pleasure.

As she relaxed in the afterglow of her climax she heard and felt Anon moving around on the bed. She hear more lubricant being squirted.

"Are you going to fuck me with that cock now? Are you going to fuck me? Are you going to take my anal virginity?" Amy jerked her hips back and forth in what she hoped was an enticing way. She was more than ready to do this. She wanted it. She wanted anal sex. She wanted Anon to take her and fuck her and make her come again.

She heard still more lube being squirted from the bottle then Anon's fingers slid back into her ass. She felt that they were thick with the slimy substance. Anon repeated the process, applying even more lube. Then she did it again.

Amy realised that as much as she wanted to get things going Anon was taking great care to make sure the experience was as smooth and painless as possible. Aside from a couple of sore points Anon had been successful. She felt good and calm and happy with everything so far.

The fingers were withdrawn again. The bed shifted again. A hand moved up the back of her left leg. Amy raised her bum in the air, parting her legs, arching her back. "I'm ready. I'm ready." That hand, caressing, warm, carried on up the inside of her thigh. Then the hand went to her pussy, finger running back and forth over her slick heat, brushing over her clit a couple of times before two fingers slid inside.

Amy moaned. She intentionally gave an exaggerated porno moan to let Anon knew just how welcome the penetration was. Then Anon's fingers slid back out and she felt the hardness of the artificial cock rubbing down and up between her buttocks. Every time it went over her asshole she made a little whimpering sound. Oh boy. Oh oh oh body she was ready for this. The anticipation was a lit fuse and Amy was desperate to explode.

"Please. Inside. Fuck me."

At last the head of the toy stopped at her anus. This was it. It was happening now. Slowly Anon pushed forward. There was a pressure. The toy entered her. A sharp intake of breath. Anon stopped. "Keep going," Amy urged. "Please keep going." After a few seconds the toy resumed moving.

Like everything before it Anon took her time. She advanced then pulled back about half the distance she'd gained. She did the same again. She let Amy get used to the new sensations, letting her muscles stretch and accommodate the invasion.

"I have no idea why I've never done this before," Amy murmured. "This is, oh my god yes, this is perfect." It felt strange. It felt wonderful. Her ass was filled with the toy. Anon stopped when the toy was buried in all the way. Amy felt Anon pressed against her. Her hands lightly scratched up and down Amy's lower back and the top of her buttocks.

Anon pulled back, the toy almost sliding out entirely, then thrust forward again. She did it over and over, starting excruciatingly slow. With every stroke though she got faster. Amy jerked her hips back to meet Anon's thrusts.

Keeping a hold of Amy's left hip with one hand Anon's other hand kept scratching at Amy's lower back, adding extra sensations. Together they fucked. Amy moaned in wanton pleasure.

"Oh fuck fuck fuck! Jesus fuck me, harder!"

Anon responded, increasing the pace. The two of them were breathing hard. The angle changed slightly and suddenly the pleasure leapt up to another level. Amy cried out louder. The feeling was new and intense. Amy Pond was an instant convert to anal sex. She would do this again in future.

She reached down again and her fingers went to her cunt. Her middle finger homed in on her glorious little nub of nerves. She rubbed her clit just a few times. The fire within was growing, she knew that her peak wasn't far away.

The bed bounced, a spring popped and started squeaking in time with their rhythm. There was a new kind of coiled heat in her belly that she'd never felt before, muscles and nerves that had never been stimulated before during sex were lighting up.

Amy ground her ass back, rolled her hips up and down every time Anon slammed home to get the maximum pleasure.

It was coming now. She was on the edge. Each thrust inched her closed, every contact with her clit was magical. A shiver ran up her spine. "Motherfucker yes, don't stop, keep going, fuck me oh oh oh oh!"

Amy's orgasm came. It was much more intense than her previous climax. It was a supernova compared to a nuclear bomb. Heat. Tingling. Sparking. Ultimate joy overwhelmed and surged over her. She felt it in her belly, she felt bliss in her cunt. A long squeal erupted from her throat, a cry to the universe that she was coming apart.

Amy lost herself in perfection.

A short time later Amy had turned over and got on her knees facing Anon. They kissed. Amy groped blindly and undid the straps of the harness. Anon scooted away from her for a moment to discard the toy. When they came together again they resumed kissing and Amy's hands went first to Anon's tits. She pinched and pulled on her nipples then moved her right hand down Anon's body.

Anon was deliciously wet. Amy's fingers started rubbing with jerky up and down motions against Anon's clitoris. She quickly switched, her middle and ring finger sliding easily into Anon's cunt. She ground her palm against Anon's sex, fingers curling and rubbing hard inside her pussy.

The mystery woman responded by buckling and scratching up and down Amy's back. They shared passionate kisses.

"I wish I could see you," Amy said. "I wish I could see your face."

Anon didn't reply as always.

With happy memories of some very satisfying sex and her horizons expanded Amy returned home.

Rory didn't ask any awkward questions.

In the middle of dinner of Chinese food and a movie about pirates there was a familiar noise like someone trying to rev up a battered old motorcycle.

Amy and Rory put down their forks. They went out to the back garden where the TARDIS was sitting. It was a welcome sight. Amy wasn't looking forward to spending any length of time alone in her husband's company. She was afraid of more fighting. She was afraid of what she knew was coming.

"Hello Ponds!" the Doctor bounded out of the magical blue box.

Rory and Amy greeted him happily.

"So," Amy said as they entered the ship, "where are we going?"

The Doctor spun around to face them, grinning from ear to ear. "It's a surprise!" He flipped a couple of switches and the TARDIS departed. "I'll give you a clue," he looked at them knowingly. "Think marmalade."

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